VE Framework Partners with IoT and Industrial Engineering Companies Increasing Adoption of Neblio Blockchain Solutions

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News from the Brno International Engineering Fair, Czech Republic

Deal done! VE Framework partners with IoT company, Hardwario

Digital Transformation and Blockchain

Neblio partner Tomas Svoboda along with his Blockchain integrated Software solution, VE Framework was in Brno, Czech Republic attending the International Engineering Fair, which was an event attended by some very well established names in the IoT, Engineering and Automotive fields.

Tomas himself comes from an engineering background, and was part of a start-up company, Eledus where he worked as a commercial director, CTO and founder, overseeing X-ray and CT systems development, manufacturing and inspection. He also has high level experience working within the tech and automotive industry using various software architectures for IoT and is an advocate for digital transformation, using blockchain tech to solve some of the biggest problems in his respective field.

Tomas was brought in as a partner to help bring Neblio blockchain solutions to the Industrial technology and Automotive industries. Thanks to Tomas’s proven software engineering skills, past success, contacts and connections in this field, the team were ready to make a push in this extremely important sector. Pretty much every piece of technology we use today, has been conceptualized and manufactured by automotive and industrial engineering companies from around the world.

Tomas is pushing for the digital transformation of this important industry and he believes his Neblio based Blockchain framework solutions, will help create new process control and internet economy data management and payment systems, that could be utilized in factory production lines and also find it’s way into IoT devices which are seeing an increase in use in homes and also in the commercial enterprises, that are offering services or selling products.

As part of this transformation, the goal is to implement new systems, replacing existing and outdated ones, with the term Industry 4.0 now being used to refer to this paradigm shift.

Not many are talking up Blockchain as an infrastructure solution in IoT, but some switched on and progressive thinkers are beginning to explore ways in which distributed ledger technology can help to secure IoT devices, adding a trustless and decentralised layer which can be used to manage, distribute and secure data in the backend, negating the need for the use of centralized servers and typical cloud based solutions.

Another partnership in the bag as VE Framework links up with ELA Blockchain Services

One of the logical ways in which to go about bringing forth change, was to bring in partner companies from within these industries, leveraging their talents, knowledge, experience and willingness to explore new infrastructure solutions, which would bring Neblio integrated blockchain IoT and Automotive/Industrial tech software a step closer to being utilized.

So who are these companies that have come forward to help spearhead this industrial blockchain tech revolution?

The Partners

Brano Group
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Brano Group are a Czech Industrial and Automotive company which has it’s roots stretching as far back as 1862, as an Ironworks factory. Since then the company has always been around some form of industrial and engineering works, until establishing itself also as a specialist car parts manufacturer with some of it’s customers being well known famous automobile companies such as Volvo, BMW, GM, Daimler, Land Rover, Suzuki, Jaguar and others.

The company have always been progressive and open to change as can be seen from their operating history and are in the process of the digitalization of their factories and production lines.

Neblio blockchain solutions will be integrated via the VE Framework, which could provide Big Data analytics, autonomous robots, horizontal and vertical system integration, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture, information transparency and decentralised and tamper proof process control systems.

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Hardwario are a Czech IoT solutions company who also have a sales hub in the UK. They design and manufacture unique IoT devices that can run on long lasting batteries, and can connect to the internet and integrated into other tech/systems.

Some sectors where their solutions have been implemented, are Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture and Retail. Some featured case studies of projects they have worked on, include developing an IoT production process management solution for Czech car manufacturer, Skoda Auto.

They also developed a solution for TPCA (Joint global automobile enterprise between Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën) consisting of tech that can predict, identify and help resolve bottlenecks and issues that could occur during production, allowing the manufacturing process to continue at it’s maximum capabilities.

A third example of an IoT solution, was developed for DEFRA (British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) which can help with the monitoring of tree growth and the impacts of environmental change on the UK’s forests. This use case reminds us of a Neblio testnet experiment related to the environment, monitoring weather data from San Francisco.

We can definitely see some parallels already with Neblio, in how the company champion simplicity. scalability, easy deployment and cost effectiveness of their tech solutions. It will be interesting to see how the Neblio blockchain will integrate into their existing or new IoT devices via VE Framework.

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Kinali are an industrial systems company, specialising in designing and building advanced automation and manufacturing solutions to help companies in the industry, streamline production procedures and save on production time.

In 2006, they designed a piece of software for a large multinational company. Over time they have designed, built, implemented and distributed large industrial systems to companies around the world.

Kinali Tech

Some of the services they currently offer to clients, are tailor made, industry 4.0 ready systems such as Optical AI powered quality control cameras, Robotic systems for factories and customised Industrial software, written and tuned specifically to a client’s requirements.

Kinali automated product handling robot

ELA Blockchain Services
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ELA Blockchain services are part of The Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic, who have members that are leaders in various Industry 4.0 related fields, such as Digital Transformation, Robotics, Automation, IoT and others that come under this term.

Their main aim is to advise and inform smaller and medium sized companies and showing them how Industry 4.0 tech solutions can help modernize and improve standards in addition to becoming more economical and productive. They also help bring people together, by connecting entities with related contacts in similar fields and also administrative departments across the Czech Republic.

ELA Blockchain Services are working on building industrial blockchain infrastructure, by bringing in partners and professionals that can advise and oversee development of blockchain solutions created for the Electrical Engineering field.

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Stäubli are a mechatronics solutions provider that focus on three main components, which are connectors, robotic systems and textiles. The company operates in 29 different countries and has agents operating in 50 locations on 4 different continents. They have a total workforce of 5,500 people and have a presence in every kind of industrial sector.

Founded in 1892 in Zurich, Switzerland as Schelling & Stäubli, they have designed and manufactured various pieces of machinery for the weaving and textile industry. They have built their reputation by crafting innovative solutions over the years, serving various industries along the way and diversifying into making connectors and more recently focusing on automation and robotics after opening a service center in Michigan, USA.

Stäubli also operate in the Czech Republic and has worked in association with Tomas’s former company, Eledus in 2019.

We are curious to see what Stäubli will develop teaming up once again with Tomas and his VE Framework and how Neblio Blockchain technology will be utilized during this partnership.

HCM Line
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HCM Line is a company and SAP partner based in Prague, Czech Republic and specialise in automating business processes, using a SAP based system called Intelligent RPA which stands for Robotic Process Automation. They have created an RPA invoice bot which can be used for automating the creation of incoming invoices based on PDF attachments from emails.

They also provide consulting, support with implementation of their solutions and language translation services.

HEDO Praha

Hedo Praha offer professional technical translation services to clients, translating documents in a number of common and uncommon languages. They have in their team, many experienced translators who are familiar with a particular language that is offered as well as the technical field which the text is from.

Some of the clients they have worked with are Schneider Electric, Total, TPCA, Siemens, Citron, Peugeot, Lenze and more.

Hedo will help with translating VE Framework technical documentation into different languages, for industrial companies based internationally.

How Could These Partnerships Benefit Neblio?

Not much info has been made public yet as to how exactly blockchain will be utilized in new and existing tech solutions from these companies but since we know that VE Framework is Neblio middleware, (in that it helps to facilitate the easy integration of the Neblio blockchain into applications), we know that we should at some point begin to see some news or examples of on-chain activity.

Many of these companies have tech solutions that are ready made for Neblio blockchain integration due to their architecture and code they are written in. Leveraging Neblio’s high throughput, security, energy efficiency and data management features, along with VE Framework’s own solutions, we could realistically see new Industry 4.0 ready devices and applications utilizing blockchain technology IN REAL WORLD USE CASES ON A MASS MARKET SCALE for the first time!

Closing Notes

Real Blockchain Integrated Tech Is Coming

This is not only an exciting time for Neblio but also for the entire blockchain space and successful integration into real world industrial and IoT applications and devices, will showcase to the world how Blockchain technology can provide a functional, tamper proof data management infrastructure layer in many of the major Industry 4.0 use cases.

Advocates of a broader deployment of blockchain infrastructure into industrial tech, IoT and beyond should get to see these systems running for real, upon successful deployment at some point in the not too distant future.

In order to move the technology forward, it is essential to get developer friendly APIs and documentation, into the hands of software engineers, without overcomplicating the development process. This approach, will lead to a rapid development turnaround of applications, leading to faster adoption and allow companies to quickly deploy and scale up as demand for their systems increase over time, within their respective industries.

Code Is King

We have seen many Blockchain based platforms promising all these things in their whitepapers, but have either failed to release working solutions, or fail to live up to the promises made in their literature.

The fact that Neblio blockchain solutions are on the cusp of being adopted by companies from a broad range of industries, is testament to the fact that the team have not only made claims and promises about their tech, but have actually delivered exactly what they said they would.

Also with the help of partners like Tomas and literally thousands of software developers who can already code in one of the eight supported programming languages on Neblio, could soon be exploring and using the APIs to build next generation applications, that are suitable for this internet driven age.

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