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4 min readJul 23, 2020


Get Ready For The First Neblio Buildathon

Registration form is now up and ready for Participant signups. Read the instructions by clicking here.

Attention everyone: We have extended the duration of the event by one month. More information on that here

The Neblio Community Buildathon has now started and participants can now sign up on the registration page. We have had a good amount of interest from the Neblio community and the wider crypto community are starting to take notice. We have also managed to acquire some great sponsors and prizes for the winning developers.

Who can enter the buildathon?

Entries are open for software developers and studios of all skill levels from across the industry. Due to Neblio’s base DNA, developers can code in one of eight of the most used programming languages. This enables many developers building applications and games utilizing the blockchain, to not have to learn new or proprietary languages, allowing them to code in one that they are most familiar and comfortable with.

For example this will allow game developers to jump right in and get to work without much of a steep learning curve. From token creation to integration of NFTs into their Unity made games, Neblio helps to facilitate this with the Restful API suite. Head over to Neblio U for the full set of APIs and resources.

Hey I’m a developer and I want to enter, but how?

Fear not as registration forms will be available and open from August 1st. Once registered you are all set and ready to get going. Keep a look out on our event page for an update and notes on how to register. Remember you MUST register to have a valid entry and be considered for the judging phase, after the submission window closes.

What kinds of apps or projects can I build to enter into the Buildathon?

That is entirely up to you. It can be an app or game, or other type of project that utilizes Neblio tokens or features. It must be functional/usable but doesn’t have to be feature complete, if you intend to continue development and keep adding and improving over time.

If it’s a game then it should at least have a playable level if not a complete game and of course having some form of Neblio integration is a requirement.

Some example use cases


We have published an initial setup guide to help with Neblio integration into Unity3D


Supply Chain

Scientific Research

Further examples & data management features of Neblio (part 1 - Tokenized permissions) (part 2 - Fan-In) (part 3 - Fan-Out) (Encrypted metadata/use cases) (Chainlink partnership/use cases)

What prizes can I win if I come up with a killer app and wow the judges?

The Neblio community are currently raising money to put into a prize fund and we had a minimum target of $2000 but are hoping we can have a bigger pot to use as prize money for the top three developers in the panel based judging, made up of Neblio team devs and community members. As of 22/08/2020 the prize find stands at 10,183 NEBL which is approximately $6600 based on todays rate of exchange.

The panel will test out and assess entries and declare the top three best projects overall. In addition we will also have a community vote where members get to pick their favourite project, where votes will be added up and the winning developer/project will win some great prizes, kindly donated by our sponsors.

Some of these include a fully configured Raspberry pi 4 staking box courtesy of Stakesafe A .crypto domain from Unstoppable Domains to the value of $800! Full list of prizes and sponsors are up on the event page.

Where can I learn more and catch Buildathon updates as they happen?

Stay up to date with all things Buildathon via:

the event website

Our Twitter account

Our Discord server

Our Telegram group

Head to our telegram or Discord server for some great chat with some very cool devs and Neblio community members. We will be chatting Buildathon and all things tech and development, so check us out and see you there!

When must my submission be in by?

All participating developers MUST submit their entries by October 31st. The judging phase will begin straight after and last for a week. Entries will not be accepted during this stage. Winners will be announced on November 9th. Click here for full event timeline, event rules and registration form.

Best of luck to all participating developers and we look forward to seeing the amazing projects you have built!




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