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Core and Third Party Project Development Round-Up (BIG UPDATE!)

Neblio Platform Metrics (As of 10/17/2021)

NTP1 Tokens (Mainnet & Testnet) 329
Wallet Downloads 91,465
Active Addresses (Mainet & Testnet) 859,336
Active Nodes 623
Lines of Code 4.6m

Here is a run down of current core and third party projects, in active development over the past several months in 2021 on the Neblio Blockchain. Some projects are in a finished state, others are still in development or experimental/proof of concepts.

Note that due to the open source, permissionless nature of the Neblio platform, it isn’t possible to track every bit of activity as third parties can choose to remain private without wanting to disclose information about their projects. We track projects that are public and have shared information and related content. This update is to be taken more as a guide covering observable activity on the Neblio blockchain.

Third Party Projects Integrating Neblio Solutions

Production Line Framework (PLF)
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Production Line Framework (PLF) is a Neblio blockchain based software framework for IoT production line simulation, assembly and management in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

In the grand scheme of things under the shift to Industry 4.0 operating standards, PLF will help to bring features such as Big Data analytics, Autonomous robots, horizontal and vertical system integration, Industrial and Blockchain Internet of Things architecture, information transparency and decentralised and autonomous process control systems.

PLF brings an exciting and game changing set of drivers and Neblio blockchain based distributed and decentralised solutions that can change the face of automation once industry wide adoption starts to take off.

PLF has been developed by Tomas Svoboda, CTO of TechnicInsider. Tomas has also worked at Eledus as a commercial director, CTO and founder, overseeing X-ray and CT systems development, manufacturing and inspection. He also has high level experience working within the tech and automotive industry using various software architectures for IoT and Industry 4.0 standards. Tomas is currently building applications and software framework solutions, integrating Neblio APIs.

Virtual Economy Framework (VEF)
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The Virtual Economy Framework, also developed by Tomas Svoboda, is a middleware solution which helps developers easily connect the Neblio blockchain to real world digital economy applications, which can provide end-user services across the IoT and internet driven landscape.

VEF contains ready made drivers and code that can link the Neblio blockchain to applications written in the C# programming language. This framework will cut development time for application developers and allow for the easier integration of the Neblio blockchain, which will provide class leading enterprise grade backend infrastructure to ‘new commerce’ start-ups and existing companies.

This framework is ideal for app developers wanting to create crypto based e-commerce payment solutions, IoT applications, NFT games and more.

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VE NFT is a powerful decentralised multi-feature web based NFT platform, built on the VEF which integrates Neblio and IPFS as backend solutions, using VENFT NTP1 tokens for minting NFTs, used for tokenising assets.

Tomas is once again the developer, creating a unique and easy to use platform, baked into a crypto web wallet, which allows users to do things like create searchable on-chain public user profiles, mint art and music NFTs, send encrypted p2p NFT messages from wallet to wallet, publish posts on chain and even podcasts as NFTs! VENFT is currently under heavy development but is also functional so give it a try if you would like to test out some of these innovative features.

The wallet currently supports NEBL and Dogecoin currencies and provides payment gateway solutions for both, that can be easily integrated into Wordpress e-commerce websites, via the WooCommerce plugin.


DogeFT is a Doge-centric NFT showcase for presenting NFTs using Neblio Blockchain, VENFT App, and of course, Dogecoin.

NFT artists and musicians can easily mint NFTs directly in the VE NFT web app. Minting tokens are airdropped for free using the app and creating a collection is easy following this getting started guide. Users can then share the public address for the collection with an automatically generated link.

Collectors can purchase NFTs directly with Dogecoin from the collections using VENFT App.

The site is currently being updated and is expected to be back soon.

Mars One Genesis
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Mars One Genesis has been around for about a year now and the dev team have shown no signs of slowing down. The team also scooped a prize in the Neblio Community Buildathon last year and have turned their proof of concept into a rapidly expanding open world WebGL Mars simulator with Web VR support also being worked on.

NEBL will be integrated as a currency to be used at the point of sale for goods and services as well as VE NFT solutions for tokenising in-game assets.

Coruzant Technologies
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Coruzant Technologies, the largest crowdsourced technology publication, will use the Neblio blockchain via VE NFT to tokenize and publish articles on the blockchain.

More details are still to be revealed but the project has been in development for a number of months and appears to be nearing an official launch.

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Artobotic is an Edinburgh based art project which involves using repurposed vending machines to dispense miniature artworks. Denny Hunter is the project lead and is working in collaboration with artists who have stepped in to be part of this exciting and unique project.

The Artobotic team have already appeared at various festivals and events around Scotland and parts of the UK, stationing their art vending machines in public venues, catching the eye of curious revellers, who can grab a piece of amazing art by popping some change into the machine.

The team are now exploring the digital art world and have already minted some NFT artwork on Neblio via VENFT and looking into the possibility of using Neblio solutions to help them build a digital version of their vending machine which could be deployed in digital AR/VR open world metaverse type projects with the ability to dispense NFT tokenized art.

World Foods
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World Foods is a new project by the team behind OneQClub, a Guatemala based organisation, trying to help poorer communities in developing nations.

The Neblio blockchain is being used to record and track metadata of water filters, which have been tokenized as NFTs. These NFTs can be bought in the VE NFT app, and all proceeds from sales will be spent on the purchase of the filters, which will be distributed to those who cannot get easy access to clean drinking water. The project is lead by Sebastian Bur and Arturo Jaar.

“We (WorldFoods) envision to improve communities in Guatemala in areas such as health & nutrition, education and living standards by providing sustainable solutions and opportunities. With the help of Blockchain Technology we verify that donations actually reach their destination — what we call Proof of Donation.”

  • Using Blockchain Technology as a Proof of Donation
  • Help Communities gain value
  • Providing families with clean drinking water
  • Making nutrition beneficial and available for all
  • Improving living standards

Third Party Neblio Software Frameworks and Services

Production Line Framework
PLF is a Neblio based software framework for production line management in the automotive and manufacturing industries

VEF is a Software framework for easier integration of the Neblio blockchain into apps and services as part of the IoT and internet economy

VE NFT is a Neblio powered NFT Web Wallet & Marketplace built using VEFramework

Neblio RPC Node.js Wrapper
A Node.js wrapper API for interacting with a Neblio wallet/daemon and safely exposing RPC calls as endpoints.

SimpleHold Crypto Wallet
A browser-extension crypto wallet from the makers of the SimpleSwap exchange that supports NEBL

MyCointainer NEBL Cold Staking Service
MyCointainer will cold stake NEBL for all users for FREE thanks to a Partnership with Neblio!

Proof of Concept, Experimental and Early Stage Development Applications

Block Tunes

IoT NEBL Mining device

NFT Event Ticket Solutions (VENFT) In Development

RFID Payment Terminal

ABB Production Line Robot NFT Demo

Controlling IoT Lightbulb With Neblio Account Balance (Part 1)

Using Neblio APIs with Node-RED

Part 2

District C VR (In Development)

Neblio Core Features Development Update

Cold Staking (Completed)

Announcing Neblio Cold Staking. Cold Staking, Explained: What it is… | by Neblio | Neblio Blog | Medium

Neblio Core Wallet update 3.3.0 (Completed)

Cross Chain Bridge (In Development)

Neblio Partners with Knit Finance to Offer NEBL Across Multiple Blockchains | by Neblio | Neblio Blog | Medium

On-Chain Voting (In Development)

The Neblio dev team have given some brief information about a new on-chain feature which enables those who are staking, to participate in voting for platform improvement proposals put across by members of the community.

Data is output to a page in the explorer showing the voting metrics in real time. Team will then consider proposals with the highest votes which are workable features the community would actually like to see implemented, rather than the team deciding themselves what to implement. This gives the community more of a say in feature updates in addition to help govern the Neblio network.

This move signals a break from the usual team sanctioned feature ‘roadmap’ dynamic that has been used in the past few years. Giving the community more of a voice is a move which is in-line with efforts made by other platforms to further democratise and decentralise certain aspects of how they are run. Neblio team have always maintained that Neblio is a permissionless, decentralised platform for apps and services so it is a logical step to move in this direction.

More info on this new feature will be available once the dev team make an official announcement.

Integration of NTP1 with IPFS (In Research)

IPFS is integrated with NTP1 to allow NTP1 metadata & files to be extended off-chain beyond the 4kB on-chain size limit, expanding the capabilities and use cases of Neblio & NTP1

Hardware Wallet Integration (In Research)

By Vladimir Ribakov

Explore ways NEBL & NTP1 tokens can be secured via hardware wallets such as Ledger & Trezor. If hardware wallets are unable or unwilling to support Neblio natively, explore ways by which we can add hardware wallet support directly to Neblio Core, or Neblio Orion. Any hardware wallet implementation should also support Neblio Cold Staking.

Closing Notes

The Neblio ecosytem is in the early stages of expansion but thanks to the four years of dedication and hard work from the Neblio core team, partners, community members and developers, we are starting to grow. A lot of focus in 2021 has been on building additional infrastructure on top of the already great core platform.

This has been done via ongoing work from the team themselves but also with the help of third parties, who have utilized Neblio’s open APIs and tools to build second and middle layer solutions that can bridge the blockchain to applications and services, that are now beginning to use Neblio based backend solutions, as we can see from the featured projects in this article.

Be sure to follow all related channels linked to the projects to keep track of progress and of course all the Neblio channels to keep an eye on all the core development and app updates. Also follow the team on YouTube and now Instagram as the team look to create made for social media type content for the community, which began earlier this year with some helpful explainer videos.

Stay tuned for some smaller updates and feature articles in the coming months.



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